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Our positions focus on the following areas

Carbon and climate


Farm Inputs

Grain freight and supply chains

Trade and market access


Carbon and Cropping Report

GrainGrowers has released the Carbon and Cropping report to ensure growers have clear information and facts as they consider the opportunities around carbon for their businesses, families and communities.


Recently published policies

GrainGrowers Drought Policy

Drought is one of the most significant risks faced by regional communities and is a regular feature of the Australian agricultural landscape. There is a need for an enduring, coordinated and effective national drought policy in Australia.

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Grains Sustainability Framework

The Australian grains industry sustainability framework, Behind Australian Grain (or the Framework), encompassing the whole value chain, was developed to strengthen our industry’s sustainability and assist in ensuring we continue to meet the changing expectations and needs of our consumers, the community, investors and governments for the decade to 2030.

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Policy Position - Wheat Classification

Wheat classification is currently managed by Wheat Quality Australia (WQA). WQA is funded by bulk handlers through GTA and by growers via GRDC. WQA is responsible for the classification and reclassification of all Australian wheat grades.

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