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The Australian grains industry sustainability framework, Behind Australian Grain (or the Framework), encompassing the whole value chain, was developed to strengthen our industry’s sustainability and assist in ensuring we continue to meet the changing expectations and needs of our consumers, the community, investors and governments for the decade to 2030. It is important our industry is sustainable in economic, environmental and social terms and our communities and customers understand and trust how we operate.

Stage 1 of the framework is completed which includes three pillars and twelve goals. Work continues on identifying the appropriate metrics and targets for each goal as part of Stage 2.

Watch this video to find out more about the Framework, why it matters to the Australian grains industry, how it has been developed and the guiding principles around this. Learn about the next steps and how the Framework will be implemented.




We are committed to growing a trusted and sustainable industry which helps feed and fuel a healthier world. We achieve this by being responsible stewards of the environment, positively contributing to the well-being of people associated with the grains industry, while ensuring the confidence of our consumers and the broader Australian community in our products and how they are produced.


We continue to engender trust in our industry by delivering against the following principles:

  • Humanity Caring for our stakeholders and the community
  • Integrity Taking responsibility for our actions
  • Competence Providing quality products and services

Our Pillars

Responsible Stewardship

Responsible stewardship throughout the value chain, caring for our environment and protecting Australia’s biosecurity underpin our productivity, profitability and global reputation.

Our Priorities

  • Caring for and improving our natural capital
  • Thriving in a changing climate
  • Responsible use of inputs
  • Maintaining and strengthening biosecurity

Our Goals

  • Proactively improve the health of our soils
  • Increase in proactive biodiversity stewardship
  • Reduce our industry’s net greenhouse gas emissions
  • Manage climate-related risks through investment and development of adaption tools to improve water use efficiency in rainfed grain production
  • Demonstrate science-based best practices in pest, weed and disease control while ensuring productivity, safety and environmental outcomes
  • Continue to implement a world-leading whole of industry approach to managing biosecurity

Building Capacity & Wellbeing

The safety and wellbeing of our people and the communities in which we operate are crucial to our sustainability. We focus on improving the adaptability and resilience of the people and businesses involved in our value chain.

Our Priorities

  • Supporting the safety and wellbeing of our people
  • Growing the capacity of our people and communities to be adaptable and resilient

Our Goals

  • Zero workplace fatalities throughout the value chain (on farm and post farm gate)
  • Contribute to closing the gap between regional and broader community safety and wellbeing indices
  • Increased leadership capacity, diversity and skills development to enhance sustainability, industry capacity, and livelihood.

Consumer Confidence

Our ability to understand and respond to the evolving needs of our consumers is paramount to our sustainability. We focus on world-leading supply chain assurance to deliver safe and healthy products, and also engaging with consumers about how they are produced.

Our Priorities

  • Engaging with our consumers about their evolving needs and expectations
  • Continuing to deliver world-leading supply chain assurance systems
  • Ensuring consumers have confidence in the safety and environmental benefits of agricultural technologies, innovation and practices.

Our Goals

  • Continue to deliver safe products via robust supply chain assurance mechanisms and strong industry governance systems
  • Proactively address our customers’ evolving food safety expectations and health needs.
  • Increased awareness and trust in how grain products are produced.
  • Support innovations which enhance our supply chain’s ability to meet tomorrow’s demands and safety needs of our consumers and the community.

Behind Australian Grain

Find out more about the Framework, why it matters to the Australian grains industry, how it has been developed and the guiding principles around this. Learn about the next steps and how the Framework will be implemented.
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