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With a bumper 2021 harvest contributing over $20 billion to the Australian economy, GrainGrowers is calling on political candidates to show their support for Australian growers and rural communities through commitments that will support the continued success of the grains industry.

GrainGrowers has outlined six key priorities for the next Federal Government that will support growers as they continue to innovate and deliver a world-class product. Based on grower input including over 600 survey responses and endorsement from GrainGrowers’ National Policy Group, the election priorities will benefit the national economy, Australian communities, and consumers, while sustaining industry growth.

Priority areas are:

  • Resilient input supply chains
  • Secure and sustained market access
  • Stable business environments
  • Reliable freight and logistic systems
  • A responsive biosecurity system
  • Climate adaptation tools

“Last year, growers across the country went to work and produced over 60 million tonnes of grain. In order to continue to successfully grow our industry, we are looking to leaders who will share in our vision for growth,” said Brett Hosking, GrainGrowers’ Chair.

“We need strong and resilient regions with access to telecommunications on a par with those in metropolitan areas. We want thriving and competitive grain enterprises with our growers being able to access supply and pricing data that lets them make critical business decisions. Australian growers need investment in research and development, so they have the tools available to manage climate variability on their farms and play their part in reducing emissions.”

“The contributions growers make is immense, as local employers, stewards of our land and ensuring the supply of fresh and nutritious food is something Aussie’s don’t have to worry about.

I encourage all candidates in this election to show their commitment and work with us to support growers across the country.”

Further details around GrainGrowers’ Federal Election priorities are available via