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With today’s announcement of the interim Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between India and Australia, GrainGrowers is calling for more work to be done on a mutually beneficial agreement in the future.

The interim FTA offers some potential benefits for Australian lentils, and over time will see benefit for faba beans, canola oil and soybeans however it is largely “business as usual” for the grains sector’s trading partnership with the Indian people.

“The details of the interim free trade agreement with India are a little frustrating given the enormous potential for exports, particularly our chickpeas into this market” said Brett Hosking GrainGrowers Chair.

“Having spoken to many growers across the country, we were hoping for a more positive result for Australian chickpeas and wheat. While domestic production in India of chickpeas is currently strong, there have and will be again, periods where seasonal conditions can’t meet demands. Australian growers are perfectly positioned to be able to support the Indian population through these shortages although under this FTA, that won’t be an option.”

“Our growers remain optimistic about Australia’s agricultural relationship with India and look forward to continued collaboration between our countries’ grains industry.”