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Leaders from across the Australian grains value chain support the process to develop a sustainability framework. As part of the industry initiative Behind Australian Grain, a grains insight report has been released as development of the framework commences.

Organisations including GrainGrowers, Grain Trade Australia, Grains Research and Development Corporation, Grain Producers Australia, National Farmers’ Federation and Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre are represented on the Behind Australian Grain steering committee and are ensuring industry, customers and community views are heard as the initiative progresses.

The insights report prepared by KPMG puts forward sustainability themes for industry to consider while the sustainability framework is developed. The report ‘A sustainable Australian grains industry’ was officially launched by the Minister for Agriculture, Senator Bridget McKenzie yesterday at Parliament House.

Ten themes have been outlined in the report. These include managing a changing climate through adoption of technology and innovation, expanding into global markets and meeting changing consumer preferences and expectations.

“The sustainability themes were identified through a thorough stakeholder consultation process” said Richard Boele, KPMG Banarra. “The report identifies perspectives from internal and external stakeholders along the Australian grains value chain. It poses questions for the Australian grains industry to consider how it can best respond to the sustainability expectations of its customers and the communities it serves and operates in” said Boele.

“While Australian growers are already leaders in sustainable grain production, we need to understand where the opportunities exist for our industry to be leaders in sustainable agriculture” said Brett Hosking, GrainGrowers Chairman.



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