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Over 600 growers took part in GrainGrowers recent policy survey, sharing their views on the Australian grains industry and highlighting issues and opportunities that they see directly on their farms. Huge thanks to the growers who took time out of their busy schedule to complete the survey, it is appreciated. Grower input helps ensure GrainGrowers always has a strong case on the issues that matter.

With Australian grains delivering over $13billion to the economy and two record breaking harvests, GrainGrowers’ 2022 Federal Election campaign is a roadmap for industry and government to work collaboratively with growers and ensure the settings are right for the powerhouse sector to continue its positive growth.


Growers identified their top three challenges as:

  1. Input costs and availability
  2. Farm labour and workforce
  3. Machinery, equipment, repairs and parts


  • Like 2021, positive sentiment in 2022 was largely driven by stronger commodity prices, good seasonal conditions and improved technology, research and efficiency and productivity gains.
Download the PDF to view the survey results and also see the work that GrainGrowers is doing on these important issues.



Some Key Findings

33%felt that the grains industry will improve in the next 12 months

60%believed the financial health of their farm business is better now than 12 months ago

40%say the environmental state of their land had improved

25%indicated their personal wellbeing has increased since last year

1 in 3 said their grains business was in an expansionary phase

1 in 4planned to increase their crop area in 2022


Utilising the findings, GrainGrowers is working to:

Strengthen critical input supply chains

  • Secure and sustain market access growth
  • Overhaul Australia’s freight and logistics system
  • Provide a stable business environment
  • Reset Australia’s biosecurity system
  • Provide climate adaptation tools.

Top Policy Issues of focus

Growers have provided a clear direction on what areas they believe GrainGrowers should focus on to drive increased sustainability and profitability for their grains business.

  1. Input costs and availability
  2. Roads, rail and ports infrastructure
  3. Trade agreements and market access
  4. Freight and shipping costs
  5. Agricultural chemicals
  6. Telecommunications and connectivity
  7. Plant breeding technologies
  8. Farm labour and workforce
  9. Access to technology
  10. Biosecurity

Federal Election Priorities

Growers’ feedback has been acknowledged and used to determine the federal election priorities. The most important issues facing the grains industry this election are:

  1. Maintain the Fuel Tax Credits
  2. Increase domestic manufacturing of critical farm inputs
  3. Improve international market access
  4. Improve grain freight routes
  5. Overhaul Australia’s ports and shipping system
  6. Improve telecommunications and connectivity
  7. Ensure fair competition and effective governance of grains industry
  8. Increase price transparency of farm inputs
  9. Maintain government matched levy funding
  10. Improve access to farm workers


Planting Intentions

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Focus areas

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