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  • Successful candidates agree to provide GrainGrowers with proof of completion of the Australian Institute of Company Director’s (AICD) Course Exam within three months of exam completion.

  • Successful candidates agree to allot three days to an in-person session and will endeavour to attend with only extraordinary circumstances preventing that.

  • Successful candidates agree to commit to conducting themselves in a manner aligned with professionalism and agree to treat others in the course and/or affiliated with the course with respect throughout the duration of the program and thereafter.

  • Prospective candidates must be over the age of 18.

  • Prospective candidates must provide information that is true and accurate at the time of application entry.

  • Awarding of placement onto the program is nontransferable.

  • Prospective candidates agree to the use of their personal information for GrainGrowers to improve the experience of the process on a de-identified basis.

  • Successful candidates agree to GrainGrowers conducting interviews and/or surveys following the event to assess experiences to benefit the Onboard program in the future.

  • GrainGrowers reserves the right to refuse entry if eligibility criteria are not met.

  • GrainGrowers reserves the right to remove a successful candidate from the program for reason noted in the above Terms and Conditions.

  • Successful candidates who are selected to attend training hosted by GrainGrowers Limited acknowledge that the company will cover the cost of travel and accommodation associated with attending the training.

    • The reimbursement for travel and accommodation expenses will be provided in accordance with the company's reimbursement policies and guidelines.

  • Participants who are selected to attend the AICD Company Directors Course acknowledge that they are responsible for covering the cost of their own travel and accommodation expenses to attend the course.

    • GrainGrowers Limited will cover the cost of the AICD Company Directors Course fee and provide a one-year membership to the Australian Institute of Company Directors for successful participants.

    • Any additional expenses incurred during the AICD course, including travel, accommodation, meals, and incidentals, are the responsibility of the participant.

OnBoard – A grower director program

Growers who are keen to be an active voice for their industry through board appointments and Directorships are encouraged to take part in a grains industry-first initiative.