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With so many different activities taking place in the workshop, read through some of the risks to be aware of and ways you can make sure this area has some important safety equipment.

Video 13 - Workshop - Captioned
  • At any point that your sight, hearing, limbs or digits are at risk, PPE should be worn.
    • Don’t commence a task, even a quick one, if the correct equipment can't be located - even if it’s a low risk job.

  • Large bandages and eye wash kits are critical components of any farm fire aid kit.
    • Stemming bleeding, managing snake bites and rinsing eyes are important and can be done with this simple first aid equipment.
    • Ensure the first aid kit is monitored and someone is comfortable to administer first aid in the workplace.
    • Better still, have multiple first aid officers so that when you or your staff are remotely located and working in isolation, you may be your own first aid responder.

  • It is essential that you are appropriately dressed in the workshop.
    • This will include appropriate sturdy footwear and no loose clothing or hair that will risk entanglement.

  • An oxyacetylene set is a useful but risky tool in the workshop.
    • Check for leaks, fit flashback arrestors to the hand piece and at the regulator, and keep the oxy away from oily rags to avoid spontaneous combustion.

  • Fire and explosion is a potential risk in the workshop.
    • Ensure you have an appropriate number, type and location of fire extinguishers in the workshop.
    • Ensure everyone on the team knows how to use the fire extinguishers.
    • Ensure you have a safe path to exit the workshop at all times and that it's clear of trip hazards such as cords, parts or rubbish.
    • Ensure flammable items such as fuels are kept free from ignition sources and sparks.
    • Similarly, keep batteries on chargers well away from any hot work or sparks.

  • Electrocution is another serious risk in the workshop.
    • Ensure power sources are fitted with working Residual Current Devices, a safety switch, that are tested regularly.
    • Also ensure, in line with your state or territory requirements, cords and power tools are tested and tagged.
    • Most importantly, inspect every cord prior to use.

  • Be conscious of tasks such as welding and running a generator or engine in an enclosed space. Toxic gas can be produced that we can't often smell until it is too late.
    • Ensure these activities are carried out with adequate ventilation.
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