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Rebecca is passionate about Mingenew, her farm resides 20km from a NASA space station as the town has some of the clearest skies in Australia. Mingenew also has one of the largest in-land receival points for grains in the Southern Hemisphere. Crops grown in the area include wheat, barley and lupin.

We asked Rebecca to share about her AGLP journey in 5-minutes or less:

1. Was there one moment you remember that made you apply for AGLP? What did you think and what made you apply?

One of my close friends, Kathryn Fleay, completed the AGLP program and said she gained so much out if it. When I saw that they were interviewing for the 2021 AGLP program I jumped at the chance.

2. Tell me about your highlight of AGLP to date? How has it grown you as a professional in your industry?

It has been a very different program for both the 2020 and the 2021 AGLP groups (due to COVID-19).

Although we haven’t had face-to-face catch ups, the other people in the group are such driven, intelligent, passionate people and it has been great connecting through many zoom calls and phone calls.

3. What did you want to improve on or grow through the AGLP journey?

I wanted to be more comfortable in leadership positions within agriculture.

4. What would you say to anyone thinking of doing the AGLP journey?

It is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about leadership in agriculture and create a network across Australia

6. In one sentence how would you summarise your AGLP journey to date?

COVID-19 changed a lot of plans so although it hasn’t been exactly how we hoped it would work, the information and connections have been fantastic.



Applications for 2022 AGLP are now open.

The program cost is covered by GrainGrowers and has been ‘pandemic-proofed’ to offer value even if COVID-19 restrictions persist.
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