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Overarching goal:

  • A grains industry that has a proactive approach to measuring and demonstrating its sustainability credentials, alongside a policy and regulatory approach that promotes productive and sustainable grain production.

Policy Positions

Climate Change Policy

GrainGrowers climate change policy, endorsed by the National Policy Group, seeks to maintain Australian grains domestic and global competitiveness while reducing emissions and increasing carbon sequestration.

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Focus areas:

  • Progress Grains Sustainability Framework (GSF)
  • Ensure the Agricultural Stewardship initiative delivers positive outcomes for growers and aligns to the GSF. Help shape the Carbon & Biodiversity pilot program to include grain farmers and seek payment options for biodiversity.
  • Ensure the National Soils Strategy delivers benefit for growers and assists with data provision for reporting against the GSF.
  • Continue to develop grower understanding of carbon opportunities and explore opportunities for GrainGrowers to assist in enabling grower participation.