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Growers and other stakeholders of Australia’s $14 billion grains industry are being asked to give feedback on draft 2030 targets for the industry’s sustainability framework, Behind Australian Grain.

Behind Australian Grain covers the production, storage, handling and trading of Australian grain. It provides a framework for the Australian grains industry to identify common priorities, coordinate work within the industry and with others to achieve sustainability outcomes, and to track progress over time.

A joint initiative of Australia’s grains industry organisations, Behind Australian Grain has previously consulted with industry participants and the community to identify 12 goals across environmental, people and consumer pillars.

Draft 2030 targets and indicators of progress for the 12 goals have now been developed and feedback is being encouraged.

“Customers, the community and other stakeholders are putting increasing importance on sustainability and responsible sourcing,” said Brett Hosking, GrainGrowers Chairman.

“Behind Australian Grain gives us a framework to coordinate our work in this area and setting 2030 targets gives us something to aim for to ensure we are putting the right effort in the right areas.

“By being proactive and getting this right we’re aiming to demonstrate our industry is meeting consumer expectations, while benefitting from reduced risk and improved productivity at the same time,” Hosking said.

“I encourage growers in particular to jump online and do the survey. If there is just one target you want to comment on, you can do just that although we hope everyone can complete the whole survey!”

Further information about the draft targets can be found in the Sustainability Framework report.

>> Behind Australian Grain target survey



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