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Our farm in Goodlands and Kalannie, WA, covers 7,500 hectares, primarily dedicated to cereal broadacre crops, with a portion set aside for canola, lupins, oats, and hay. Our soil types range from light to heavy loam.

Being an Aussie grain grower fills me with immense pride. Our work is not just about growing crops; it's about providing food for our nation and making a substantial contribution to the Australian economy. At the heart of our industry are the invaluable contributions of farming families and the resilience that defines us. For me, this role goes beyond gender stereotypes; I have an engineering background and am currently pursuing a master’s degree in counselling, and I believe that women are valuable and often untapped resources in agriculture.

I'm deeply passionate about the concept of working as a family unit on our farm. This approach offers a host of holistic advantages, including the cultivation of strong relationships, the promotion of open and effective communication, and the consideration of our business as a comprehensive entity where the family plays an integral role. This collective approach is pivotal not only for our well-being but also for ensuring safety and nurturing positive mental health on our farm.

Increasing land value offers new prospects, and we are excited to use this increased land value as leverage to explore non-farming opportunities. There is a real opportunity to invest in rural communities, making grain farming an even more impactful industry. It's a great place for young people to come back to, strengthening families in the process.

While the joys of farming are abundant, challenges are equally prevalent. It's hard to ignore the glaring lack of rainfall this season, and other long-term challenges extending to policy concerns, particularly in Western Australia, where the concept of social license is viewed differently

Being a member of Grains100 has had a profound impact on my farming journey and has given me the confidence to encourage our family to expand our farming endeavors. Through this program, I've built strong connections with fellow farmers, fostering knowledge sharing and skill utilisation within our cohort. The support extends beyond the program, as we maintain active communication through a WhatsApp chat. I'm looking forward to visiting my peers and attending future events organised for the Grains100.

The program has equipped me with the skills to stay grounded and focused on my business, and boosted my confidence. I've also realised the opportunity of using social media to enhance our social license and amplify our farming stories with the broader community.