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GrainGrowers congratulates Senator Raff Ciccone on recognising the need to review Australia’s biosecurity settings and welcomes the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee inquiry into the adequacy of our nation’s biosecurity measures.

In its election asks on behalf of growers, GrainGrowers called for a reset of the funding and operation of Australia’s biosecurity system to ensure it can respond to changing biosecurity risks.

“GrainGrowers has been asking for a biosecurity reset to ensure we are well protected, and that the system is inclusive and coordinated – pre-border, at border and all the way to the farm. Biosecurity is everyone’s responsibility – government, industry and the Australian community and this inquiry must ensure a comprehensive look at the entire system.” said David McKeon, GrainGrowers CEO.

“There are multiple biosecurity threats that agriculture faces. Are we confident that our systems would cope if there was a need to respond to Foot and Mouth Disease or khapra beetle while also managing things like Varroa and Japanese encephalitis? While biosecurity incursions have a national impact, they also impact states and territories, and we need to ensure the whole system functions end-to-end.”

“Questions are also being asked by grain farmers about preparedness if there was an incursion of Foot and Mouth Disease. How would it impact my business? What if I have livestock, can I still harvest or move machinery?”

“This inquiry is welcome news and GrainGrowers thanks Senator Ciccone for putting the wheels in motion to ensure these critical issues are under consideration.”

“GrainGrowers has raised these concerns in its recent submission to inform the National Biosecurity Strategy and looks forward to ensuring grower views are represented in this upcoming inquiry.”