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Q&A With AGLP Participant Rebecca Kelly (WA)

"One of my close friends, Kathryn Fleay, completed the AGLP program and said she gained so much out if it. When I saw that they were interviewing for the 2021 AGLP program I jumped at the chance.

"It is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about leadership in agriculture and create a network across Australia," Rebecca says.

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"I loved every single minute of AGLP. I was studying & working full-time, but you make time. It was invaluable. It helped me believe in myself and gave me many techniques to be a better person. I still stay in contact with my group."

Alana Alexander

James Venning, Bute, SA

James Venning is a current AGLP participant for Bute, SA. He says the program has given him the skills he needed in leadership positions in his community and as a farmer.

"My AGLP experience occurred while COVID restrictions were in place. The program has been developed so well that even when largely delivered online, I feel I'm investing strongly in my career."

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2010/2011Amy FayLyneham2602Grains Research Priorities - Document research prioritisation model and make recommendations for improving ways to prioritise research funds in the Australian grain industry


2008/2009Daniel CooperPullabooka2810ASIA BOUND Investigate bag and container trade opportunities into Asia.
2008/2009Georgina WhitingMoree2400GROWER ENGAGEMENT Develop an innovative model to increase grower engagement and enhance the interface between traders and growers.
2008/2009James HamiltonNarromine2821AGLINK Develop a business plan for farm investment brokerage service.
2008/2009James NalderCoonamble2829Lead the implementation of the Coonamble Farming Co-operative to realise benefits for all stakeholders.
2008/2009Katrina SwiftParkes2870GRAINS-TALK Investigate a national initiative which encourages younger growers / professionals to become more involved in the Australian grains industry.
2008/2009Mark SwiftParkes2870Influencing people - Develop leadership influence through active participation in grains industry forums, committees and groups whilst encouraging new entrants to be more proactive.
2009/2010Chris BlanchardWagga Wagga2678Educating Grain Scientists Implement a grain science education program for new industry entrants.
2009/2010David JeffriesArtarmon2064Australian Quality Grain Develop a nationally consistent definition of Australian quality assured grain.
2009/2010Garth WicksonCoolamon2701Develop a Partnership Model and trial with an industry leadership group to undertake a pilot research project.
2009/2010John FrancisWagga Wagga2650Successful Farm Leasing Program Deliver workshops to demonstrate the factors that lead to success in farm leasing for both landlords and tenants.
2009/2010Melissa HenryRichmond2753Find Grains Training On-Line Develop a communication strategy for the Online Agricultural Training Services (OATS) tool.
2009/2010Peter HortonNarromine2821Develop a strategy to support effective decision making for Gilgandra Cooperative.
2009/2010Samuel HermenaRamsgate2217Expand Global Market Promote an innovative import/export model for pulses and fertiliser.
2010/2011Andrew BowmanDunedoo2844BEST Trials 2011 - Identify, coordinate and evaluation 2+ BEST Trials reducing the amount of inputs that are required to maintain and increase grain production levels.
2010/2011Glen SmithWagga Wagga2650Ready for Management - Develop and pilot a product to support young farmers making the transition from worker to manager in their business.
2010/2011Richard RiceParkes2870Communication PLUS - Develop and implement a communication plan to increase information sharing and effectiveness with staff and grain growers.
2010/2011Robert GillDarlington Point2706Perennial Grains Plus - Develop a Perennial Grains Adoption Plan for implementation with Australian growers based on domestic research and overseas experience.
2010/2011Sam HeagneyWagga Wagga2650Australian Grains Market Index - Develop and pilot an Australian Grains Market Index.
2010/2011Virginia BourkeNarromine2831dbc Vision Plus - Recreate the dbc SMARTsoft marketing strategy to increase relevance in Australia and enhance service delivery to customers.
2011/2012Kurt WilkinsonDubbo2830Logistical constraints of grains grown in NSW from paddock to port.
2013Evan WilsonForbes2871Growing and developing new varieties.
2013Neil MickanLake Cargelligo2672Adopt best management practices.
2014Andrew FreethGilgandra2827Optimising on Farm Storage.
2014Brent MortonWest Wyalong2671Looking at what steps other farmers have taken to get to where they are now.
2014Emma ThomasForbes2871Investigate the carbon footprint of our systems.
2014Sam WeirBarmedman2668Cost effective machinery.
2015Angus DuddyQuirindi2343Economic viability of the production of high yielding soft biscuit wheats under lateral irrigation systems.
2015Daniel SheridanPurlewaugh2657Understanding how we can better the industry, more profitable and productive.
2015Jan StillardBarooga3644Reduce the impact of fatigue on grain farmers during peak periods.
2017Bec WildeSydney2000Increase efficiency in task management systems and create channels for advocacy of capability building initiatives in the grain growing industry.
2017Oscar PearseMoree2400Benchtop analysis for landscape planning in cropping lands.
2017Robert AllenTemora2666Investigate sub soil amelioration of sodic and alkaline soils.
2018Henry MoxhamCoonamble2829How grain farmers can adapt with enhanced flexibility and resilience to a more variable climate in the next decade.
2018Katrina DicksSydney2000Gain a better understanding of grain farmers and the production issue experienced by growers
2020Anna DyeCorowa2646The production of tools for farm administration with best practice procedures
2020Jessica KirkpatrickTemora2666How to empower and engage women in the grains industry
AGLP 2021Tom FergusonGarah2405"identified the need for a ‘succession plan’ for leadership in the grains industry, and wants to be able to contribute to the development of this"
AGLP 2022Mike SurridgeOaklands2646Health and safety
AGLP 2022Thomas CarberryNarrabri2390To develop a farm and environmental management program/system for growers to operate at maximum efficiency achieving the best yielding results, by using the best industry practices and receiving a premium for their efforts.
AGLP 2022Thomas SimsonPremer2381Similar Cotton BMI project for grain, continue trialling and implementing soil health practices, would seek to find a partner that recognise these topics as beneficiaries of grain production, and would potentially become a partner of our business or build a credit based system that rewards is for doing these practices.


2008/2009Arthur GearonChinchilla4413AGLEAD Investigate leadership groups and roles in the Australian grains industry and establish a pathway for involvement and / or active participation.
2008/2009Mel TaylorToowoomba4350GRAIN TRACE Develop an industry wide traceability tool for improving the quality and sale ability of Australian grain.
2009/2010Bill HoareJandaryan4403Establish an enterterprise leadership plan (integrated family and business) to remotely oversee an effective and productive team
2009/2010Chris WarrickToowoomba4350Grain Storage Research Link Create a positive communication link between researchers and farmers regarding grain storage.
2010/2011Christoper D CooreChapel Hill4069People, Growth + Grain 2030 - Investigate the impacts, draw insights and set projections to inform the future Australian grain industry.
2011/2012Brendan TaylorExplore ways of getting the agricultural sector integrated with social media for a global audience.
2011/2012Jay HollandHighfields4352Develop efficient procedures to help with the challenges faced with end point royalty harvest declaration.
2013Samantha NoonSurat4417improving staff productivity through education.
2016Luke BradleySpringsure4722Luke is keen to set up trials in sodic and calcareous soils with nutrient constraints to investigate the production of crops adding different fertilisers and assessing the conversion of these soils into profitable arable farmland.
2017Jordan AndersonTheodore4719Campaign for greater awareness of issues and practical solutions around oversize agricultural machinerary movements in QLD, and also at a national level.
2018Millie BachJandowae4410Explore ways for younger generations to be given the opportunities to remain on farm or in the industry
AGLP 2021Chris GillamToowoomba4350support and develop ideas that will benefit the entire industry
AGLP 2022Sally PooleGoondiwindi4390"Global sustainability, food/fibre for global communities. Increasing the engagement of growers and agronomist with sustainable practices and sustainability targets"


2008/2009James EdwardsRoseworthy5371Lead a campaign to establish and increase production in south west WA and SA for the ethanol industry.
2008/2009Josh TaylorVale Park5081Establish national supply chain efficiencies within the deregulated grains industry.
2008/2009Tom SaintMaitland5573Develop a sponsorship strategy.
2009/2010James CaracoussisAdelaide5001INDUSTRY PARTNERSHIP KIT Develop an Introduction to Grains Industry Kit for agribusiness personnel.
2009/2010Richard PrusaStrathalbyn5255Facilitate the increase of pulse production in southern and western Australia by promoting the efficient growing and marketing of pulses.
2009/2010Tom SmibertAdelaide5081Grain Trader Pathways Investigate and establish grain trader pathways and opportunities.
2010/2011Henry CarracherClare5453Growers Engagement - Design and deliver a grower engagement program for grain accumulators.
2010/2011Lousie FlohrTailem Bend5260Sustain Grain Certified - Investigate international sustainability accreditation systems and their implementation within the Australian grain industry.
2011/2012Chris LawsonUrrbrae5064Explore how best to communicate the issue of carbon emissions, carbon pricing and carbon legislation to the ag sector, particularly primary producers.
2011/2012Jennifer SchofieldBalaklava5461Development of a competitive, effective and efficient supply chain with improved information flows.
2013Andrew HallManoora5414Leasing for releasing.
2016Simon MartinKaroonda5307Evaluate the profitability and sustainability of a stand-alone cropping system in a traditionally low rainfall merino sheep / grain business through the introduction of legumes.
2016Tim PaschkeWaikerie5330Raise awareness for social and mental wellbeing in farming and rural communities.
2018Nicolas DavisAdelaide5065Investigate more affordable insurance products for the grains industry
2018Symon AllenKimba5641Examine the opportunities for alternative markets and transport
2018Tess WalchStreaky Bay5680Investigating new opportunities in upcountry processing/value-adding facilities for Australian grain, legume and oil seed growers
2020Ben SchoberWappilka5333Succession and expansion options, and the challenges and opportunities that exist for emerging grain growers
2020Ben SchoberWappilka5332Succession and expansion options, and the challenges and opportunities that exist for emerging grain growers
2020Chris MoloneyArthurton5572Investigating the viability of farm-tourism on the Yorke Peninsula, to build industry social licence and examine farm enterprise diversification opportunities.
2020Kimberly PellosisBaremra5345Investigating influences across international markets and the impact on Australian growers and the markets they are operating within
2020Thomas DolphinPort Kenny5671Ways to improve soil health and carbon farming
AGLP 2021Alisha ChinnerLameroo5302passionate about the role women can play in ag and wants to develop her advocacy skills to ensure she can become a role model and supporter for women entering the industry.
AGLP 2021Charlie BensenButler5606develop his communication skills so that he can share his environmental understanding with other farmers and contribute to the development of a strong and sustainable industry.
AGLP 2021James VenningBute 5560develop his technical knowledge as well as his leadership skills so he can improve his farm business, and the businesses of those around him. James appreciates the importance of social license and has ambitions to be able to communicate as effectively with ‘city cousins’ or fellow farmers.
AGLP 2021Zoe StarkeySanderston5237is passionate about supporting people ‘outside’ the ag world becoming (and staying) involved.
AGLP 2022Joseph KochBooleroo Centre5482"Community focussed. Managing the community and not burning each other out. Keep local business buoyant. ‘Maintaining and encouraging rural community involvement whilst swimming against the tide of rural decline and contraction’."


2016Michael NicholsSisters Creek7320Micahel wants to drive the growth of cereals production on the north west coast of the state.
2017Rob TerryDairy Plains7304Drive further efficiencies in wheat production and network with leading growers to develop best practice. Rob instigated the development of the Australian Wheat Record.
2019Veronica TerryDairy Plains7304Superannuation investment in agriculture


2008/2009Alistair MurdochSwan Hill3585CAREERS IN AG Investigate ways of profiling and promoting the grains industry as an exciting career choice for school and university students
2008/2009Helen RichardsonLower Norton3401PULSE-NET Develop a communication strategy for researchers in the Australian pulse industry to share findings, results and outcomes for the benefit of industry.
2009/2010Tim DeanGeelong3220Fuel Hedging  Investigate the development of a fuel hedging policy
2010/2011Kate LangColdstream3770EPR Certification - Establish an EPR Certification program to promote the benefits of an End Point Royalty System within the Australian grain industry
2011/2012Brett HoskingQuambatook3540Investigate peak body representation in the grains industry.
2011/2012Tristan ShannonMelbourne3004Investigate, plan and develop an app that allows farmers to see real time data
2013Brad McQueenNyrraby3585Feasibility of implementing an irrigation venture.
2013Jonathan DyerKanira3419Soil moisture probes installation.
2013Tom DunstanTelangatuk East3401What makes wheat tick?
2014Daniel KeamWallup3401Investigation chemical and fertilizer residues and how they survive in our current level of inputs.
2015Dale HageNurcoung3401Water use efficiency and increasing the water holding capacity of out soils.
2015Tracy DartWarracknabeal3393Financially focused, developing, managing, succession planning and reporting systems.
2016Cameron ParkerBoort3537Cam is keen to investigate different pathways for young passionate employees to enter the grains industry in their own right.
2016Jim WakefieldWalpeup3507He is going to investigate and trial different communication methods and strategies for use in the collaborative partnership and integrate these into the day to day running of the business.
2016Tom HewittAreegra3480Tom is keen to investigate the real cost of production and drivers of profitability in order to benchmark his business and make evidence based decisions.
2017Darcy GormanMelbourne3004Careers based away from the family farm - we can still be involved in the operations and strategic direction of the farm.


2008/2009Lauren WestLake Grace6353Facilitate the establishment of a regional grower group to lead key research into new technologies, improve sustainable agricultural practices, deal with climate change and facilitate extension projects.
2008/2009Royce TaylorLake Grace6353Work with existing state grain leaders to identify and implement strategies to encourage involvement of the next generation.
2008/2009Royce TaylorLake Grace6353Work with existing state grain leaders to identify and implement strategies to encourage involvement of the next generation.
2009/2010Kelly PiperBeverley6304Rural Youth Conference WA To establish a grains industry conference in Western Australia for rural youth.
2009/2010Sheila NairCanning Vale6155Develop and trial workplace mentoring program in the CBH shipping and chartering department resulting in increased workplace participation and productivity.
2009/2010Sheila NairCanning Vale6155Develop and trial workplace mentoring program in the CBH shipping and chartering department resulting in increased workplace participation and productivity.
2010/2011Heidi RodgersNorth Freemantle6159My Offers - Investigate and pilot an Online Offering System for WA growers.
2010/2011Justin BaylesYangebup6164Safety First - Establish and implement a Safety Transformation Plan for port facility.
2010/2011Natalie MaguireWest Perth6005Engaging Communication + Influencing Results - Develop and implement a range of communication strategies and tools that will result in positive management influence and change.
2011/2012Anna WatsonFremantle6160Technological developments, creating efficiency and generating value.
2011/2012Pete ReesWelshpool6106Investigate the role of different stakeholders, QA and environmental stewardship for Australian compliance with the EU's renewable energy directive.
2011/2012Susan HallCrawley6009Analysis of capacity building and use of networks to increase human capital in the grains industry.
2011/2012Verity ToddAlfred Cove6154Address how the grains industry represents itself - to those beyond.
2013Claire ShadboltMukinbudin6479Sustainability on our farming communities. What can be implemented to ensure we are farming for the future?
2013Danielle WhitfieldBurswood6100How to increase the effectiveness of grower representation groups.
2013Shaun WittwerCuballing6311Farm grain storage combined with selling direct to the customer and value adding.
2014Guydon BoyleYork6302Develop the framework for a decisions making tool.
2014Ryan JoyceHyden6359Attracting young people into agriculture.
2015Ty FulwoodNortham6401Transitioning from a family business into a larger organisation.
2016Boyd CarterWubin6612Boyd is interested in understanding better how farmers make decisions about their businesses.
2016Lewis JohnstoneWilliams6391Investigate alternative methods of expanding family farm businesses covering options for both investment and management.
2017Callum WesleySouthern Cross6426Succession planning.
2017Jasmyn AllenYuna6532Advocate the adoption of steamlined on-farm human resources management programs.
2017Matt RigbyKonjonup6395Pasture manipulation & grazing/spraying pressure techniques.
2018Amery DrageNorthhampton6535Improve farm efficiency and productivity
2018Kathryn FleayMingenew6522Sustainable agriculture
2018Mitch MoritzHyden6359Moving to large scale expansion while dealing with climate variability
2018Nick PanizzaWilliams6391The use of data and technology to drive greater profitability and efficiency
2020Alana AlexanderWalebing6510Attracting the next generation of farmworkers and work culture on-farm.
AGLP 2021Rebecca KellyLockier6330wants to help the ag industry become more proactive, rather than reactive.
AGLP 2022Brett SouthEsperance6450‘’Building resilience’’ having a farming program that can face financial pressure, drought, frost, low grain prices, staffing issues, remoteness etc. Looking at turning negatives in positives. But not only on own farm but also in the community.

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