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Ms Ashleigh Brooks

My name is Ash Brooks and together our family partnership operate a broadacre cropping business in the central Wimmera, Victoria.
We grow cereals, canola and pulses and are focused on profitable production each season. My farm business role is predominantly financial management, and with an agronomic background. I play a keen role in crop management. I have a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Hons) degree and am a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors Course and the 2021 Grain Growers inaugural On-Board program.

Outside of the farm I have worked within the grains industry for almost 20 years, including national marketing and strategy positions, and value the importance of industry research and development. Supply chain engagement has also been integral within my roles, and through these
experiences I have developed effective agronomic, marketing, market development, strategy, and governance skills.

Proactive advocacy reflecting strategic policy and effective engagement is essential in achieving an aligned vision with government and stakeholders. Industry opportunities exist to enhance:

• Price and market transparency to better support farm business decisions.
• Post farm gate infrastructure investments to assist supply chain logistical efficiencies.
• Innovative product positioning, supporting global competitiveness, ensuring grain produced within our sustainable production systems delivers maximum value for both growers and consumers.

As a passionate and actively involved industry and community member I am a:

• Grains Councillor – VFF (Elected West Wimmera Representative),
• Treasurer – South-East Australian Barley Advisory Council (SEABAC),
• Member – Longerenong Agricultural College Advisory Committee,
• Former director – Rural Financial Counselling Service – Victoria West.

The Grain Growers voice is integral to grain farming families and businesses, local communities, and regional Australia. In seeking election, I offer diversity, a willingness to challenge the status quo and a commitment to supporting the grains industry to continue thrive.

Mr Campbell Jeffery

Farm operation – south west Victoria – 600 mm – wheat, canola, beans. Supplemented by sheep trading. Ongoing expansion and appreciation for risk-management.

Well-developed strategic management skills – lecturing into MBA/undergraduate programs – largely agricultural specific. Experienced in agribusiness management training and leadership programs.

Direct trade experience – grain and other agricultural products. Strong focus in China and north Asia. Corporate roles across several agribusiness sectors.

Hands-on experience across all stages of the grain industry supply chain – ‘farm-mortgage to end consumer’ – via corporate roles and as consultant/own business.

Background in marketing and communication. High-order communication skills – stakeholder relationship experience. Bachelor of Economics and Masters of Business Administration – strategic management, marketing, and international business focus. Evidence based approach.

Policy experience e.g. trade access and agricultural policy. Respect for role of Government.

Board Appointments – recent Board member for private stock feed company. Previously with Australian China Chamber of Commerce/Beijing.

Member of Grain Growers National Policy Group. Involvement in regional grower and industry groups/forums.

Extensive network across the supply chain – input suppliers, advisors, researchers, farmers, logistics, accumulators, processors, exporters and Government.

The interests of the grain sector are best achieved via strong, open, and professional co-operation across all stakeholders.

‘Win-win’ rather than ‘winner takes all’.

This is best achieved with shared understanding/respect for the issues facing all key stakeholders.

But recognising the critical role that growers play – with associated challenges and opportunities.

My aim is to bring my ‘whole of grain industry supply chain’ perspective, skills and experience to the Grain Growers Board. Meshed with my strong enthusiasm and motivation.

Grain Growers should strive to be respected, professional and open. Working collaboratively towards a strong and sustainable grain industry – underpinned by integrity.

I look forward to working to achieve this – great outcomes for our industry.

Mr Rhys Turton

I am a grain producer in the wheatbelt of Western Australia and have been farming full time for 30 years in both the high and low rainfall zones on family owned properties.

My board experience extends over twenty years and includes six years as a GrainGrowers director,

including the last eight months as Chair.
I am currently also the Chair of The Council of Grain Grower Organizations in WA and the immediate past president of The Western Australian Farmers Federation.

Prior to these roles I held a seven year directorship with a major New Zealand based agricultural business that had operations in Australia and traded fertilizer, ag chemicals, animal health products and provided environmental solutions to its members.

As mentioned, I have served as your western region director for the last six years on the GrainGrowers board. Our organization has put a massive effort into developing and now delivering a new relevant strategic plan that has your farming business as the core focus. The objective is to deliver profitable and sustainable solutions and outcomes for grain farmers nationally. We have also taken a new approach in strengthening thought leadership as a pillar to address key challenges and future needs for the industry.

Our National Policy Group continues to diligently identify the crucial issues challenging your business and from these efforts we take our evidence based policy requests to government and industry stakeholders. Priority issues currently include farm input costs, grain freight and supply chains, biosecurity, workforce and climate and carbon. Major research projects and investigations are currently underway within GrainGrowers addressing all of these priorities on your behalf.

GrainGrowers is in a strong and well respected position, and I am keen to continue representing your interest as a Western Region director. Many thanks.

Mr Richard Konzag

Richard Konzag, Mallala, SA and Highbury, WA Farmer offers himself for re-election to the GrainGrowers Board. The cropping operation now covers just under 3,500 ha, growing a variety of crops.

Richard has been involved in the Ag industry off farm for almost 20 years.
He has developed a national network of growers and industry people who he is able to reach out to, to get opinions on different issues.

He has served on The Advisory Board of Agriculture, GRDC Southern panel, National Plant Biosecurity CRC Grains Advisory panel, Australian Grain Growers Co-op, Rural Business Support board and most recently GrainGrowers Ltd Board.

At a local level, Richard has been involved with sporting organisations in his local town at committee level and association level. He has also been involved with the Mallala Ag Bureau, (life member), and hosted trials and farm visits from Bureau members and others, including National and International delegations.

Richard has qualifications that assist him to serve on the GrainGrowers Board.

He is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

He also has a diploma in Agriculture and has completed many other training courses, including cyber security, media trainings, grain leadership program, grain marketing workshops, Australian Governance summit and a CSIRO Gene technology course.

Richard’s vision aligns with GGL’s, to assist growers to a Profitable and Sustainable grains industry. He would like to see single grains representation at a national level and will continue working on this.

Richard asks that GGL members consider voting for him for a second term, so that he can continue the work that GGL does. With a new strategic plan, a new CEO and Chair, and a reinvigoration of the Board, he is ready to attack the future with fervour and offers stability after considerable recent changes.

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